Partnership Programme

Teaching and Training Ministries is passionate about providing Bible teaching resources that are faithful, creative and effective, but we are committed to keeping the cost of our Mustard Seeds lessons at the very modest rate of £1 per lesson. This makes it affordable to both smaller churches in the UK and those in other countries - but even that is too much for parts of Africa and Asia.

For just £5 per month you can help us to provide material for a church that cannot afford to buy them and train one children's worker in Africa per year!

This past year we have supported nine churches and three weekly children's Bible clubs in Rwanda. We have also recently starting donating material to a church in Kenya and two churches in Nigeria. All sponsors will receive an annual update when we submit our annual UK charity commission reports. You'll know exactly where your gift has made a difference in thrilling children with the truth about Jesus.


Cost: £ 60.00 per unit
Select the number of churches and children's workers that you wish to fund for this year and click 'Sponsor' to pay securely via Worldpay.